Green Tea, The Magic Potion to Treat Bone-Marrow Diseases

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Late investigations by the specialists of Washington University of St Louis alongside their German teammates have found. That a compound 'epigallocatechin-3-gallate' (EGCG) found in green tea leaves helps the patients experiencing bone-marrow problems.

Various myeloma and amyloidosis which are the perilous unexpected problems. Also, related with bone-marrow problems can be treated with the assistance of EGCG of green tea leaves.

This exploration study was distributed in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. EGCG is a polyphenol present in green tea leaves. Green tea is viewed as a super drink and is at present drunk by numerous people as a trademark weight decrease treatment to lose extra.

Green Tea Benefits

Patients with bone marrow issues are more disposed to a destructive condition called light chain amyloidosis. Condition in which the singular's antibodies miss-occur and gather in various organs of the body including the heart and kidneys.

The review was completed to figure out the working of light chain amyloidosis. Furthermore, what the green tea compound means for this particular protein.

The examination was done by segregating light chains from nine patients experiencing bone marrow issues after they experienced different myeloma or amyloidosis.

The lab tests were then finished to see how the green tea compound affected the light chain protein.

The survey showed that EGCG of the green tea changed the light chain amyloid in bone marrow patients and this way helped in thwarting. The miss-occurring and imitating of the antibodies consequently forestalling their amassing in body organs.

By and large, fibril structures are shaped in the organs impacted by amyloidosis.

The light chain was changed into various kinds of totals that were not destructive and didn't shape fibril structures in that frame of mind of ECGC in green tea. In this way, patients with bone marrow issues can get benefit from consuming green tea.

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